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Stag do paradise? Come to Prague, the beer capital of the world

Has your mate recently hit you with the news that he popped the question and she said yes? It’s time to throw him and the squad an unforgettable stag do in Prague! I mean, we say unforgettable, but chances are, you won't remember parts of it. People in the Czech Republic consume the most beer in the world. And you know how it goes: when in Czech, do drink as the Czechs do! Beer is a part of the culture, it's cheap (seriously, the beer prices in Prague are under 2 pounds a pint!) and has a very unique taste. Literally no one will judge you for chugging one at 10 AM at a local pub or sipping on a roadie on the way home from a party. (But please do so only where it's legal.) Combine this with Prague's rich history, stunning architecture, beautiful women, and mouth watering cuisine and you have a perfect stag weekend destination! Back to the Czech beer: there is more to enjoying it than just shotgunning one after another in a bar. You can learn something about the tradition of brewing when taking a brewery tour in Prague or pick another fun beer activity. Read further to see what we mean.
High angle shot of guys toasting with beers

The land of breweries

Czechs have been the #1 beer drinkers in the world for almost 30 years straight. They drink on average over 180 litres of beer per year, per person. Don’t worry, there’s still enough left to go around for your epic stag do weekend! In Prague alone, there are over 50 breweries you can choose from, all offering specialty beers of different potency and taste. If we could best describe what Czech beer is like with just three words, we would say: full, hoppy and bitter. 

There are beers you may want to sip on rather than chug, such as Pivovar u Medvídků brewery’s X-BEER33, the strongest beer in the world! If you and your pals are history geeks, you have to check out the Břevnovský pivovar brewery which continues the tradition of the oldest brewery in the Czech Republic located in the Břevnov monastery, which was established in 993. (Pretty cool, right?) Or, pop by the Pivovar u Tří růží brewery with a restaurant dating back to the 15th century. On the more recent “party” side of things, the Loď Pivovar brewery is located on a former disco boat from the ’60s. 

We can take you to the U Fleků brewery, probably the most famous traditional gastropub in Prague where the beer never stops flowing combined with some delicious Czech cuisine. (Roasted duck with dumplings and cabbage, anyone?) Our tours of the Staropramen brewery, the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic located in the Smichov district, are very popular as well. 

Fancy a beer bath, perhaps?

Still haven’t decided? Here are some more beer related Prague stag ideas to make it clear that Prague is simply the best place for a stag do. (Did you know it has continuously been voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world?) Apart from the Prague brewery tours mentioned above, you can hop (pun intended) on a beer bus or a coming-soon beer boat (because unfortunately beer bikes are not a thing anymore) and explore the Czech capital while staying hydrated. There’s a 10 litre keg ready to be tapped on board! Or head to a Beer Spa in Prague after a wild night to relax and recuperate. It comes with unlimited consumption of light and dark beer though, so the recuperation part is questionable. (Sorry not sorry!) Thinking about something more active? We can get the ball rolling. Literally. Prepare for a crazy Giant Beer Pong match with your pals. It’s exactly like you remember it from university, but on a much bigger scale! 

Cheers to your great Prague stag do, hit us up if we can help with planning a once-in-a-lifetime weekend for you and your friends!

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