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Car Smash in Prague

84 / person

Gather your mates, grab whatever tools we have prepared for you and smash a car when on a stag do in Prague! You will have 1 hour to change it into a wreckage!



  • Local Guide
  • Private Return Transport 
  • Organizer
  • 1 car to destroy
  • 1 hour for destroying the car
  • Tools 
  • 1 water each


Minimum number of participants:   6 persons

Maximum number of participants:   24 persons

Total Activity Time:   3 hours

If chosen time is not available, the closest possible time will be offered.
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More Info about Car Smash

Have you ever fantasised what releasing all your steam and smashing something feels like? Now you can make the fantasies come true during the Car Smash activity! Thanks to this activity you and your friends have the opportunity to use various tools and use your rage to totally demolish a car during 60 minutes! Grab a sledgehammer and have fun breaking the doors, bonnet and other parts, the choice is yours!

Car Smash is a brilliant opportunity which you can enjoy as a whole group during Prague stag do, go a bit nuts and destroy a whole car without anyone around judging you. You can also consider it as a great way to release stress.

When you arrive at the scrapyard where all the fun happens, you first receive safety instructions and one of you signs a disclaimer on your behalf. Then you are provided with demolition tools (rods, baseball bats, sticks, hammers) and safety equipment (helmets, safety glasses, gloves) then you can start destroying the car for 60 minutes. We understand, it can get tiring and therefore we provide a bottle of water during or after the activity.

Our guide meets you at the meeting point (e.g. hotel), and takes you by private transport to the scrapyard located roughly 60 minutes (time can slightly differ based on traffic) outside Prague.

After you finish, the private transport will take you back.

  • The activity is located 36 km from Prague.
  • The activity is located at a scrapyard, there are no locker rooms, toilets and showers available.
  • Please bring some comfortable and older clothes so you can get dirty.
  • Alcohol or being drunk is strictly prohibited during the activity and can result in a cancellation if not abided. 
  • One member of your group signs a disclaimer on behalf of all.
  • The safety rules and instructions will be explained to you before the activity starts.
  • There is always 1 car for max. 6 people. Maximum 4 cars can be demolished at the same time.
  • You can book even if your group is smaller than the set minimum. But the minimum price for 6 has to be respected.

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