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The only tanks your soon-to-be-married buddy is ever going to see again are the tank tops his wife will be putting on trying to trap him asking how she looks in them.

Even though we’re (partly) joking, you better make sure he gets a real tank experience during his stag do weekend in Prague! If you’re considering booking a Lamborghini ride or something similar, why not up your game by driving a tank on some gnarly trails, which is a classic when in Czech.

And man, it’s so much fun! You can drive a Russian tank or a BMP-1 yourself or we’ll book an instructor for you and you can pop your heads out of the hatch and enjoy the wild ride.

All the activities come with a local guide, drinks, and time to look around and enjoy all the vehicles. You can even add clay pigeon shooting to test your aim before we take you back to your hotel.