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Action & Fun Day

You may be wondering what nightlife in Prague is like when planning a legendary Prague weekend for you and your mates. Well, the bars and clubs won’t let you down. Take our word for it. But what about the stag activities during the day?

Sure, staying in bed hungover and napping is an option, but we have fun things to do in Prague that will help you beat the hangover! Whichever one you choose, the package will include drinks, transport, local guide and some snacks or even a pound or two of BBQ. With every activity, please check the total time and make sure it fits in your schedule. Sometimes there are limits on the number of participants as well.

Imagine attempting to play human table football with only a party of three or trying to squeeze the whole gang of 15 into a raft while white water rafting in Prague. You may enjoy the cool water splashing your face after a wild night, but you don’t want to tip over. (Ask us how we know.) Also you can choose your scenario with Reball: will it be Vietnam, Shipyard or Sport? Missing darts, good ol’ beer pong or a strippers on a boat? Check out all the Action & Fun Day activities!