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A little prank never killed nobody. Neither did a party, but that will have to wait a little. Why? Because you have some stupid sh*t to do with your lads to make your trip to Prague memorable!

Great laughs and the stag scared to death, guaranteed. One of the top stag do pranks is the fake bungee jump. Imagine your friend blindfolded, standing on a ramp, freaking out, getting ready for at least a 40 meter fall, and then nothing happens while you and your lads enjoy the show! Instead of your man screaming while hanging on a rope, you can all hang around drinking Staropramen.

Has the soon to be groom ever mistreated you? Get back at him! Let us strap him on a giant dartboard and hand you the ammo. Foot Darts time it is! You may have also been thinking about dwarfs for hire. As far as we know, there’s nothing else like out there, so let us help you pull this one off. We’ll book a dwarf and you can come up with ideas on how to prank your pal. What about handcuffing them together for an hour?

If you feel like letting your inner beast out, we have a safe plan ready for you: Car Smash. All the tools and 1 car to smash as much as you want in 60 minutes. And if you still have some energy left, go for jelly wrestling! You can either “fight” two sexy girl strippers or surprise your friend with a roly poly stripper waiting in the inflatable ring after he takes his blindfold off.

Book the Prague stag do arrest and scare the hell out of your soon to be married friend. You can make up for it a minute later – when a hot stripper comes in and takes over for the coppers.

Pick the pranks you love, confirm booking and let us take care of the rest. They all come with drinks and some even with cool stag do tshirts!