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Target Shooting

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Target Shooting

Oh shoot! Stag weekend in Prague is coming up and you still haven’t planned what you and your lads will do to make the party truly epic? Make sure to squeeze in some Prague stag do shooting between the pubs and strip clubs.

Why? Because no dude on this planet would say no to firing badass guns, whether they’re old models or those currently used in the Czech army.

We have three packages ready for you depending on if you want to go big (meaning not just more guns at your disposal but also a decent party right after you’re done shooting) or just have fun for a couple of hours, chug a beer and move on to your next activity.

All of our Shooting in Prague packages (Basic, Medium, Large) come with drinks and the Basic package also includes round trip transport to the Prague shooting range. The fancier the package you choose, the more guns you get to shoot! Good news: all options include the AK-47 Kalashnikov.