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Stag Arrest Prank in Prague Basic

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For your stag weekend in Prague, pull off a hilarious prank on the stag that also ends with a hot stripper! 



  • Local Guide
  • 1 policemen
  • 1 draught beer each
  • Strip Show – 1 female stripper (15 minutes)


*The price is for 10 people. For each additional person, 17 EUR will be charged extra.


Total Activity Time:   1 hour

If chosen time is not available, the closest possible time will be offered.
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More info about Stag Arrest Basic

Surprise the soon to be groom with a stag arrest prank while on your epic stag do! The victim of your choice will be stopped by a “copper” and arrested while your party is on their way to the strip club.

You and the rest of the lads will have a beer, enjoy the views at the strip club and have a laugh while the victim spends a brief stint in jail!

Upon release, you get to break the good news to him that it’s all a prank and he is then rewarded with a sexy strip show!

Our guide will meet you and begin walking you to the strip club. When almost there, the stag arrest happens.

One “policeman” will stop your group in a passage and check your ID’s. Unfortunately, the stag doesn’t have his ID (your crew will need to make sure to hide his ID beforehand) so he is arrested and taken to a small cell in the catacombs below the club for questioning.

The rest of the group can continue on into the strip club where the beers can begin flowing and they can enjoy the views.

When ready, the “police” will bring the stag up to reveal that it was all a prank, hand him a beer, and commence the strip show for him!

Our guide will pick your group up at a previously agreed upon meeting point. If the meeting point is in or near central Prague, the guide can meet you there and walk you to the strip club or help with arranging a taxi or public transport at your own expense if desired.

If you are further from central Prague, the guide will arrange a meeting point that is closer to where the stag arrest will occur.

After the arrest and strip show is complete, your stag do crew are welcome to stay at the strip club and continue the festivities or continue on to other activities you may have planned.

  • The arrest location and strip club are in central Prague.
  • The entire activity takes place at the strip club and the area immediately surrounding area outside.
  • The price is for 10 people. For each additional person, 17 EUR will be charged extra.
  • Please confirm with us that you will be able to hide the stag’s ID when booking.
  • If you want the “arrest” to be for a different reason than the one above, please let us know. We can accommodate most reasonable requests.
  • For obvious reasons, please ensure the stag is healthy, does not have any heart related problems and does not suffer from claustrophobia.

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