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Considering a female best man? 4 reasons why you should!

So, you settled on the one to become your life partner, popped the question and now find yourself amidst the wedding planning craziness. We feel you! From our experience, your fiancée will take care of 90% of things, so hold tight. But there is one thing you have to do yourself. Pick your best man. Or best woman? Maybe you thought about asking your sister or a special female friend and are unsure if it's a good idea. Well, let us show you why it may, in fact, be the second-best decision of your life. (After choosing to marry your lady, of course! 😎)
A woman as the best man on a stag party

1. It's no big deal… anymore

The first reason to go for it is that it really doesn’t matter anymore. Society is progressing, traditions are getting reshaped and adjusted, and the only thing that matters is having the right person by your side on the big day. 

Let go of how you think things “should be” and focus on your intuition – if the first name that popped up in your mind was your female friend or your sister, that’s what is meant to be. No one will judge you, and pictures won’t look weird. Gender is a very fluid concept nowadays, so you’ll get many unique looks in the photos anyway. And that’s the beauty of it (even if your grandma sighs the whole day!) 

2. Your future wife will understand

Maybe you’ve already established a rule of no exes at the wedding. And maybe you feel a little weird about telling your fiancée that you’d like to have a female best man. But. The best woman you’re thinking about has probably been part of your life for eternity, and your wife-to-be has also gotten to know her well. And what do we know, maybe they’re great friends or something! Don’t be shy about bringing it up. But do it as soon as you can. Timely communication is the key, keeping your fiancée in the dark about a decision this big could lead to a few heated conversations, to say the least. 

3. Your squad will be cool with it, too

With great marriage comes… great responsibility. (At least that’s what we’ve heard.)  But before that, grab the opportunity to be irresponsible one last time by the balls and take your lads for an “I-will-never-forget-this” stag weekend. (By the way, I definitely recommend Prague for a stag do; this is why.) Have you already thought about it, and are you worried that a female best man amongst your crazy bunch of guy friends might be a little awkward? Drop it. 

Your lads love you and will respect your decisions. Plus, they all belong in the circle of your closest people. See, there is common ground already! (Even if it is just sharing the most embarrassing stories they all know about you.) So, welcome your female stag on board.

4. She's gonna throw you all a great stag do

Your female stag will be a great addition to the party if you’re putting the weekend together yourself. Remember to talk to your best woman beforehand to work out any potential kinks. You want to make sure she is, for example, comfortable with the accommodation situation. (You’ll probably end up booking a separate room for her because sleeping next to a group of snoring, wasted guys is not exactly what girls dream about, believe it or not.) 

But, to show you the endless potential of having a best woman, let’s suppose she’s in charge of your stag do weekend. Are you worried you’ll end up getting pedicures and sipping on mimosas the whole weekend? Forget the stereotypes. When it comes to fun, no one cares if you’re a guy or a girl. Yes, ladies can enjoy watching sexy girl strippers, crush a steak or smash a car. Watch out, you may not even be able to hold your own against her in a drinking game! 

We’re serious. You never know what’s hiding behind the feminine exterior. What is for sure is female attention to detail. They will approach the party planning from a different perspective than you would and prepare a unique experience for everyone. Girls are great communicators, too (sometimes a little too good, right? 😆), so she’ll make sure everyone is up to date and ready for the trip so you can all enjoy a smooth ride. 


So, go ahead and ask your second or third favourite female out there to become your best woman (Depends on what spots your mum and future wifey hold, right? But we’ll leave that one for you).


And if you need any help while organising an unforgettable party weekend in Prague, let us know. You’d be surprised how many ladies we work with. It’s a trend we’re loving to see catch on, so don’t be shy about introducing us to your best woman! 

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