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Booze-free activity ideas for your stag do in Prague

If you clicked on this article, there are three possible reasons why: You are looking to organize an alcohol free stag do weekend in Prague (very uncommon, but good for you and your liver!), you know how hammered you and your lads are going to get on the first night and want to have some options up your sleeve that don't involve drinking the next day, or you simply want to try something new (like smash a car activity or visiting a shooting range). These are some of our favorite things to do sans booze:
No Alcohol Sign

Fun that's right up your alley (if you enjoy smashing or shooting things)

You can always rely on Prague nightlife to blow your mind. The bars and clubs, the (strip) shows. Oh man, it’s undeniably a great destination for party lovers. The nightlife in Prague is something you just have to experience. (Even if you are going to sip on coke all night, it’s all good!) But, it may not have crossed your mind (as all you see are beer and club ads for Prague weekends everywhere) that the city is also awesome to explore during the day and there are plenty of stag activities to keep you entertained when sober. 

Car smash in Prague

Fancy blowing off some steam or taking out some aggression with your buddies? Then book this activity: Car Smash in Prague. Gather your mates, grab whatever tools of destruction you prefer, and smash a car to bits when on stag do! Your crew will have 1 hour to wreak havoc.

Prague stag do shooting

If you’re not into car smashing, maybe you and your lads can show off your skills at a Prague shooting range. Why? Because firing badass guns is something no man on the planet can say no to. Click the link to see what models you will have available to shoot, but we won’t keep the star attraction a secret: Yes, there will be an AK 47 Kalashnikov ready and waiting for you. For this activity, you have to be 100% sober, so it fits the alcohol-free experience requirement just perfectly.

White water rafting Prague

If you are planning to visit Prague in the warmer months, let’s say beginning around May, you can ditch the bars and clubs for a day and embark on a wild water rafting adventure

There will be drinks ready for you when you are done paddling and you can, of course, choose a non alcoholic one. Fighting the rapids can take a lot of energy, so you can add a  BBQ lunch for after the activity.

Tank driving

We have talked a lot about the tank driving experience in Prague already, but when it comes to alcohol-free stag do ideas, this may be our number one choice so we simply can’t leave it off the list. The Czech Republic is one of the few countries where you can drive an actual tank or enjoy the ride with a professional driver. 

So which one will it be? Your stag at the controls or a bumpy adrenaline-filled ride with a pro? We can guarantee that whatever you choose, it will be a (very muddy) experience to remember!

Pranking is always a good idea

What would a stag party be without a prank? And you better be sober for the following:

Foot Darts

Take your soon-to-be-married friend to our Foot Darts arena and have him strapped to a giant dartboard. Your live target can struggle all he wants, but there is no escaping while you and your mates take turns trying to get in the best shot. This activity comes with a drink at the end and you can always pick a soda instead of a beer if you want to keep it alcohol-free! 

Fake bungee jump

This one is certainly going to make your trip to Prague memorable. It’s a great stag do prank, and not to worry, there is no 40 meter fall included. It is a fake jump, but you are the only ones who know that. Your poor stag will believe it’s the real deal until the very end. 

Imagine him blindfolded, standing on a ramp, hands behind his head, harness on, freaking out, and about to jump. And then… nothing. You grab a beer afterwards (or a soft drink) and get to crack on him for being a drama king.

Ready for an alcohol-free weekend? (Or an afternoon at least?)

Explore the full menu of activities on our website, including the booze-infused ones. Most of our packages include drinks (alcoholic or soft), private transport, local guide and some snacks or even a pound or two of BBQ. With every activity, please check the total time and make sure it fits in your schedule. Sometimes, there are also limits on the number of participants as well.

If you need a hand planning your stag do in Prague, hit us up!

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