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What to pack for your stag do in Prague? The ultimate packing list for your stag do in Prague

It's almost time to start packing for your upcoming stag do in Prague with your lads. You have a million better things to do; we get it (seriously, is there anyone out there who loves packing?), but don't cut it too close. Plus, we have something that may help: The ultimate Prague stag do packing list.
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Did you think packing lists and saved Pinterest outfit inspiration posts are only for the ladies? Not really. (Well, maybe the Pinterest part, we’ll give you that.) To make your stag do in Prague fun and hassle-free, you don’t want to realize that you forgot the shirt you wanted to wear for dinner when you’re getting ready in your hotel. Or, that your debit card is still on your bedside table back home because you were shopping online and never put it back in your wallet. 

Sure, you can buy pretty much anything (except for your debit card and similar things), but a) it’s not very budget-friendly, and b) trust us, with the activities that’ll be lined up for you and your crew, you won’t have time to run around shopping malls. Just read the rest of this blog packed with tips (see what we did there? 🙂) on what to bring, neatly organized into categories. 

Essential documents

Ok, we get it. Few people print their documents out anymore. Unless your airline says so, save the planet (and your time, because chances are you don’t even have a printer at home and would need to run to a copy center). But, make sure you have print screens of everything important saved on your phone. We recommend creating a folder in your phone gallery and saving everything in one place. (We think it’s safe to say there’s no chance you’d easily find that one particular hotel booking confirmation amongst the thousands of captures in your screenshot folder. 🙂) 

Take screenshots even if you have confirmations in your apps (like Booking or Airbnb). Your phone may not work, and there may not be Wi-Fi available at the moment you need it. 

Ok, so you’ll need to have a screenshot of: 

  • Your ID, passport and driver’s license 
  • Travel health insurance card 
  • Booking confirmations for accommodation and activities
  • Travel itinerary – screenshots of your flights and boarding passes if you have those
  • Emergency contact – take a screenshot of this site and save our contacts too. We are here to help anytime you’re in a pickle!
  • Event tickets – in case you booked activities that require those
  • Important addresses like your accommodation 

Clothes and accessories

Before you start packing, check the weather forecast. As basic as it may sound, you’d be surprised how many of our clients have had no choice but to party in a shirt with no jacket when it was almost snowing because they didn’t check the weather. In Prague, we get all four seasons, and the weather usually doesn’t change from minute to minute, but you want to be prepared. 

Make sure to pack the following: 

  • At least one fancier outfit for a nice dinner or when you go to a bit more luxurious Prague bar – don’t forget matching shoes!
  • Two to three casual outfits to wear for your activities. Go through your itinerary again and make sure you bring appropriate attire for all activities. For example, if you pick Car smash, make sure you pack a set of clothes that doesn’t have to make it back home. (It will get dirty!)
  • Comfortable footwear for exploring the city: Prague is very walkable, so take advantage!
  • Swimwear (Because you never know when you’ll end up in a Prague beer spa, right?)
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen for outdoor events
  • Hats or caps for protection (or style, if you don’t plan on coming in the summer) 

Party props

This will probably take up most of the space in your suitcase. All the extra stuff to make the weekend fun. The classics among party essentials are: 

  • Stag do party costume (If it’s a surprise and you’re carrying five fluffy shark costumes in your bag, good luck with airport security! 🙂) Also, remember that some places may not be as open to a gang of Pikachus rolling in. Read this article on Costume do’s and don’ts in Prague. 
  • Stag do T Shirts or any accessories like hats or sashes 
  • Decorations: If you’re planning to decorate your room or a place you booked in the city
  • Party accessories, such as glow sticks or LED glasses, party poppers or temporary tattoos (To look a little more badass, maybe? Unless you’re covered in ink; in that case, disregard. 😀) 
  • Some games to keep yourselves entertained when not partying, such as mini beer pong
  • Portable speakers for on-the-go music
  • Chargers 

Toiletries and personal stuff

This one doesn’t need many comments. If you forget to pack any of these, head to the nearest DM (our favorite drug store), and you’ll be good to go. 

  • Basic toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, 2 in 1 body soap)
  • Any grooming items – shaving kit, nail clippers, hair styling products 
  • First aid kit with essentials (And maybe a condom or ten? We don’t know your situation, and it’s totally up to you, but safety first!)
  • Any prescription medications

Technology and gadgets

This feels redundant, but how many times have you tried grabbing your phone from your pocket and it wasn’t there? Yep, make sure you pack the essential essentials. 

  • Your phone and a charger
  • Headphones to drown out the noise on a plane or relax at the hotel
  • International plug adapter if your plugs are different from this
  • Power banks for charging when you’re headed from bar to bar during your pub crawl in Prague

Money, money, money

Well, this one is up to you. You may feel more comfortable getting some Czech korunas in your country before leaving. (We recommend going to your bank to get a fair deal.) However, you can easily exchange money at the airport when you land. 

Please, under no circumstances should you exchange your money at the tourist trap money exchanges in the center of Prague. Make sure to watch this video to avoid being scammed.

  • Debit card 
  • Credit card 
  • Travel debit card like Revolut, if you own one (you may want to get one before your trip, these types of cards have no foreign transaction fees and help you budget – you can transfer just the amount of money you want to spend in Prague) 
  • For splitting expenses during stag nights with your lads, you can download one of the free apps like Settleup – which will help you keep track of who owes who 

When you need a break: Entertainment

We can’t imagine you’ll be sitting around reading a lot during your stag do in Prague or anything similar. But, it is a good idea to bring things to kill time at the airport, when waiting for check-in or when everyone else is napping. So, consider packing or downloading: 

  • Books, magazines, or e-readers 
  • Playing cards or travel-sized board games
  • Podcasts, audiobooks 
  • Workout equipment if you’re a gym rat (you probably won’t carry a kettlebell, but a jumping rope or resistance bands are easy)

We hope this helps save time and effort on packing for your Prague weekend. Remember, Prague is a modern city where you will have access to almost anything you may need, so no worries if you fail to pack something. 

Let us know if you have any questions or would like us to take your stag do to a different level with our awesome activities!

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