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Stag do costumes in Prague: Do’s and Don’ts

Have you planned an epic stag do in Prague, and the last thing that needs to be added is getting a costume for your stag? Remove the Teletubbies or banana stag do costume from the cart. Even though getting a fun suit for the soon-to-be-married man can elevate the party (and has always been a part of stag dos), it can cause many troubles (including angering your stag). Things have changed, and seeing giant gorillas running around Wenceslas Square bars is not a novelty anymore. There is no need to drop the idea altogether; just read through our tips on how to do it right.
Teddy bear stag do costume

Know your stag and the city

First of all, think twice about your stag’s personality. Will he enjoy drawing attention to your party the whole time, or would he rather take shots in peaceful anonymity in Prague bars? Remember, you can ruin the experience for him (even though he may pretend to be enjoying himself in the inflatable, hot, funky smelling shark costume), which is the last thing you want. It’s a good idea to talk this out over a pint or two or pick the least awkward costume you can find. Even though you are headed for a bachelor party in Prague full of fun, remember to do some adulting when planning. 

It looks like the city is maturing too. A few years ago, a pub crawl in Prague on a Friday night would have made you feel like you’re hallucinating. Walking ketchup, Pikachus, cowboys, Marios, and who knows what else. Almost all costumes were tolerated, even in bars. But, the situation has changed, and as a blanket rule for most bars, costumes are now a no-go. Smart casual is your way to go, and more and more places require this as an official dress code.

A wig is fine; a *ick not so much

If you still want to make it obvious who at the party is the special one (soon getting in the good old ball and chain life) with a costume, you can always do it with taste. Pick a fun wig, bell bottoms, sheeny shirt, and sunglasses, and let the stag shine as he would have at the 80s disco. Or get stag do t-shirts with a decent design for the whole group and voila, all sorted!

We’ve seen a group tying a lad to a table in a latex suit and throwing food at him all night. That’s a hard no. And, of course, it’s very tempting to throw a costume featuring genitalia in the cart, but please don’t. No one wants to see penises marching across the historical center of the beautiful city of Prague, and you would not make it far dressed like that these days. 

We can help you with pretty much anything during stag party planning. Yes, even the costume choice! Let us know what you’re thinking, send us links and your itinerary, and we’ll do our best to assess whether the sumo costume will be frowned upon (and they probably will) and throw in ideas for some “safe” and still fun ways to pull your stag’s leg. 

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