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Do these 4 things for a cheaper stag do weekend in Prague

Has your mate popped the question this year? As the best man, you’d better start thinking about how you want the stag do to play out. You may have already researched some locations and activity ideas. At this point you may be a little worried that the party is going to cost you and your mates an arm and a leg. Well, throwing the best party in the world doesn't necessarily mean going broke. (If you follow our advice!)
Pink Piggy Bank for Stag do

If you’re not quite sold on a stag weekend in Prague yet, read this article and we’re sure you’ll be booking your tickets next. (Prague is really a gem!) Compared to most other European cities, Prague isn’t nearly as expensive. A pint of beer will cost you 1,5 GBP, dinner in a nicer restaurant around 30 – 50 GBP drinks included and a public transportation ticket is just a little over 1 GPB.


These 4 tips will help you save:

Switch the Hilton for a more down-to-earth place

Of course, it’s nice to slide into slippers and put on a fluffy bathrobe every morning while opening heavy curtains in a fancy hotel overlooking some of the best sights in Prague. However, accommodation costs quickly add up and you may end up paying a fortune for a place where you literally only spend a few hours each night during your stag do.

We can recommend going through Airbnb for better Prague deals and looking for an apartment you and your lads will have to yourselves. It’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be a bakery or a small shop just around the corner, so you don’t have to worry about missing breakfast after a wild stag party (and if you haven’t tasted Czech bread or pastries yet, you are in for a treat!). 

Hostels can also be a great budget-friendly option. And no worries – you don’t have to necessarily spend your nights in a dormitory. Some hostels offer private rooms for better comfort, but still at more affordable prices. We love looking around in less central locations, such as Letná, Holešovice, Karlín, Náměstí Míru or Anděl. You can catch a tram to the city centre that only takes 15 minutes, and the prices will be significantly lower than in the central Prague 1 district.

Save on your stag do and tram it out!

It is so easy to get around Prague with public transportation that you can literally forget about cabs, Bolt or Uber. Make an exception when coming home from a club late at night, but every other time, simply hop on a Prague tram, metro or bus. We have put together a clear guide on how to use public transportation in Prague, so study a bit in advance to save some money while also getting around Prague like a local! 

You can use public transport when getting from the airport too. Compared to an Uber ride that’s usually around 20 GBP, buying a 24-hour public transportation ticket will cost you as little as 4,22 GBP. 

Time it right

Even before your engaged lad’s fiancé buys her wedding planning journal (which they usually do approximately 2 hours after the knee is dropped 🙂), start planning. Kidding aside, it really pays off to make your reservations early as everything (especially accommodations) gets more expensive if you wait and book last minute. 

Ideally, start planning, booking or reach out to us at least a month before your epic weekend is marked on the calendar. The sooner the better! Also, try to avoid public holidays or dates with big events in the city. These sites will help you not make an epic mistake of coming to Prague when everything is closed or the streets are overly crowded due to festivals or other events:

You can find a list of Czech public holidays here.

And this site gives you a nice overview of what is going on in the city.

Go for cost-friendly yet awesome activities

Think carefully about the stag do weekend itinerary too. Do you really need to book a private lounge in a bar with unlimited booze consumption? Or would a chill Prague brewery tour with tasting or a fun giant beer pong game be just as much fun because it’s less about being fancy and more about hanging with your mates anyway?

Pranks are also a great option. Our customers looove foot darts, which also happen to be the cheapest out of the prank offer. Fun guaranteed (for you, not so sure about the stag 😀). Starting off  a stag do with a pub crawl to get a taste of the nightlife in Prague is kind of a must. We have a great one planned for you here. Sign up without breaking the bank!

Or, if you want to go as cheap as possible, dive into the depths of the Internet and look for things you can do in Prague on a tight budget or completely for free. (Buy a few beers in a store and you’re good to go! But please be mindful of your surroundings, drinking in public in the Czech Republic is somewhat tolerated, but you don’t want to draw too much attention.)

A risk-free stag do with a refund if things go wrong

At Prague Wild Stag we bend over backwards to help you organize the ultimate stag do! Not only do you get TOP service, but you only pay a 20% deposit when booking your budget-friendly stag party. The rest you pay up to a month before the event. Because we’re human, we understand that anything can happen – illness, accident, a lost passport. (But we sure hope it doesn’t!)  If you cancel a planned weekend a month in advance, you’ll get a refund. No arguments, no penalties. Find out more here.

Are you ready to get the party started? Reach out today!

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