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Getting around Prague: Your ultimate guide to public transportation while on stag do

Is it almost time to pack your bags and take your soon-to-be-married friend for an unforgettable stag do in Prague? You probably have plenty of activities lined up and a decent list of bars to hit. Get around the city like locals do! Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe, so take advantage, hop on a tram and save your cash for something epic (how about a private strip show?) This blog is your fast lane to all you need to know to comfortably use public transportation in Prague.
Prague public transport - tram

From the airport to the city center for under four pounds

You have just landed in Prague, walked out of the arrivals hall, and the line of taxis looks so tempting. Skip it. 

You have three better options (sorted from the easiest to the most badass): 

1) You call an Uber (that requires using airport Wi-Fi or getting an e-SIM beforehand, so your phone has data upon touchdown) or 

2) You catch a bus. There is a direct line called Airport Express that takes you from Terminal 1 or 2 to Prague Central Station in about 40 minutes. It costs 100 CZK (app. 3.5 GBP) and is super convenient. You can buy the ticket on the bus (card payments are available).

3) If you are feeling even more adventurous, catch a combo of a bus and a metro. Right in front of the airport building, you will see bus stops marked 119. That is the bus you want to take in the direction Nádraží Veleslavín. The bus runs every 3 to 10 minutes and the ride will take 17 minutes. 

When you reach the stop Nádraží Veleslavín (terminal), follow the crowd to the metro station marked with green A. From there, you can get to the city center riding all the way to Můstek or wherever else you need to go.

If this still seems too complicated (but we really tried to help, you have to give us that), just hit us up and we will arrange for a private airport pickup. And it can be a hot one. No worries, the AC will be on in the limo, but you can get a hot dance from sexy girl strippers on the way!

Don't rent a car, Prague has plenty of vehicles you can take for a spin

If you want to work a little adventure into your party agenda, try catching every single kind of public transportation there is in Prague. It will keep you busy for a while, as there is a lot you can choose from. (And besides the rides being cheap, Prague trams are a great sightseeing option too!)

So what exactly can you see cruising around Prague? 

  • Trams: Those are super popular and will take you to all of the major areas of Prague and tourist spots. It is a cool way to explore the historic city of Prague for sure!
  • Buses: If you are headed to a party location outside of the city center, you are likely to find yourself taking a seat on a bus. 
  • Metro: There are three metro lines in the city, A, B and C. It is a fast and convenient way to get around, especially for long distances. Here is a handy metro guide for download. 

How and where to buy tickets

There are several ways to pay for your tickets. We highly recommend getting an app called PID litacka, where you can buy single tickets or day passes. 

Otherwise, you have these options: 

  • Yellow vending machines: Located at the public transport stops, these little machines take both cash and card.
  • Self service kiosks on board: No need to talk to the driver, just board the bus or a tram and head to the yellow kiosk to purchase your ticket cashless; this article shows you exactly how they look.
  • Head to a little newsagent store called “Trafika” and ask for the tickets. They will sell you as many as you need and you can pay cash or card. 
  • If you have a Czech phone number, you can buy tickets via SMS. 

You can use your purchased ticket to take the Petrin funicular to enjoy a relaxing stroll in a nice (but sometimes crowded) park and views from a miniature of an Eiffel tower. Or take a riverboat across the Vltava river. It’s a very cool way to reach your next destination and a close to a (short) cruise experience literally for peanuts. 😉

How much?

Public transportation in Prague is fairly cheap. These are your options

  • 30 minutes / 30 CZK (1 GBP)
  • 90 minutes / 40 CZK (1.4 GBP)
  • 24 hours / 120 CZK (4.2 GBP)
  • 72 hours / 330 CZK (11.6 GBP)

If you got a physical ticket, don’t forget to validate it right after you board the tram or bus. If you don’t do that, you will be treated like you never got a ticket. And the fine kind of hurts, it sets you back by 1 500 CZK (53 GBP). This article shows you what to do in detail.

Planning your rides: No metro after midnight

For planning your routes and checking schedules, use the official site of Prague Public Transit Company or their app PID litacka. There are several apps that do the same trick: the IDOS app (download and switch to Praha + PID to search for connections between public transportation stops) or give a shot to the Pubtran app. Or use Google maps directly to search the connection and follow real time directions to get to your stop and get off at the right time.


Be careful if you are getting home from a party at night. Metro runs from around 5:00 AM to midnight. If you happen to be trying to get to your hotel at, lets say, 3 AM, you will need to catch a night tram or a night bus. The night trams are numbered 91 – 99 and come every 30 mins on weeknights and every 20 mins on Friday and Saturday nights. Night buses are 901 – 915 and the intervals are the same. 

If you need to get to the airport at night, you can catch bus no. 910. It is a direct connection from the city center which runs every 30 minutes. 

Tickets for the night trams and buses are no different, just stick to everything we said above.

Hop on, it's party time!

If you pick any of our activities in the city center, such as visiting Goldfingers, one of the top strip clubs in Europe, you can either walk from your hotel or catch a bus, tram or metro. Our guide is there to help you get tickets (or get a taxi on your own dime).

We can also help you get tickets in advance (you can have a stack in your wallet, hand them out to your lads before every trip, validate and be good to go). Or, book a private transport anywhere you like. (We would recommend it for activities outside of the city center, such as the Driving a tank experience). 

Ready to bus it?

Now you are a Prague public transport pro! Time to have your gang download the ticket app, mark the clubs on the map and get ready for your adventure! If you need help with anything else, let us know!

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