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5 reasons to choose Prague for a stag do

You may have heard people talking about Prague, the heart of Europe. Rich history, stunning sightseeing and the medieval astronomical clock. That's all cool, but did you know that Prague is actually a perfect place for an unforgettable stag do? Prague may seem like a slow paced destination with couples romantically strolling through Old Town, but exactly the opposite is true. The cute cobblestone streets will lead you to one of Europe's best clubs with the wildest (stag) parties. Top that off with cheap alcohol, food, places to stay and tons to do. Almost sold? We're just getting started.

1. Easy to get to

The nickname “the heart of Europe” says it all. Prague is situated right in the centre of Europe and is fairly easy to fly to from all around Europe (or the world, the long haul flight will be worth it, we promise!) Coming from London, Copenhagen, Berlin or Paris, the flights are so short you’ll be having a beer in Prague before you realize you even took off! Driving is also an option to avoid all the airport fuss. Or, hop on a train where you can book an entire carriage and start celebrating right away! If you book the tickets well in advance, it may turn out to be a way cheaper option than flying and much more fun. Of course, there are always buses, but those can be a little rough, right? Anyways – check RegioJet (trains and buses) or FlixBus (buses only) for the tickets or use your favorite airplane ticket search portal, we like Skyscanner. Ready for your Prague weekend?

2. Getting around Prague

No reason to be worried if your sense of direction isn’t the best. (Or even if it is, believe us, it will be gone for good after a few Czech beers. :)) Prague is easy to navigate, no need to search for a “Prague guide”, you can easily walk to most of the fun places (if you choose to stay in central areas; we put some tips on picking places to stay here). If you want to explore the most remote parts of town, you can 100% rely on public transportation. It’s cheap (under 2 EUR for a 90 min ticket) and reliable. You can hop on a bus, a tram or use the metro. But be careful, the metro stops running at midnight, so your late night options may be limited to walking (or staggering), night buses or taking a cab. Apps like Uber, Bolt or Liftago work great all around Prague and are reasonably priced.

3. Food and drinks

Prague is sure to fulfill its promise of having a great bar or pub on almost every corner.  Make sure to put a Prague pub crawl on the list of activities! Restaurants with cuisines from all over the world or casinos where it feels like you’re in Vegas are no exception either. Prague’s speciality is definitely breweries, which usually also include a restaurant and sometimes even have rooms. We’ve been trying to get the point across that Czech beer is something else in our blogs and we’re sure you understand by now that you simply can’t miss it. (Coming to Prague without trying the beer is considered a punishable crime!) The price of beer in Prague will also make you never want to leave. It can get as low as 2 – 3 EUR!

Czechs are known to enjoy their wine as well, with plenty of great wine coming from the Moravia region. A wine tasting weekend could be a nice option, if you want to start the party in style.  Or try slivovice, the innocent looking, less innocent smelling fruit spirit. (The burn you feel as it goes down means it’s working!)

If you’re a health nut or a gym rat, get ready to make the stag do your cheat day weekend. Czech cuisine is very rich (and equally delicious). Get ready for kilos of meat, dumplings and litres of thick sauces. Imagine chasing your sushi with a hearty Czech beer. It’s just wrong. On the other hand, Guláš or Svíčková with a huge side of dumplings married with a pint of Plzeň or two is literally one of the best gastro (and local) experiences! Prague restaurant prices will probably blow your mind too – very affordable.

4. Safety

No doubt you and your squad are going to fool around. Another thing that’s really awesome about Prague – it’s safe. Unless you do something stupid stupid (like messing with people on the street in a teletubbie costume), everyone will leave you alone (or maybe join the party, as Czechs are really friendly). The Czech Republic has been voted one of the top 5 safest countries in Europe. However, pickpockets can be found everywhere, even in Prague, so watch your stuff in crowded places and especially on the metro.

5. Activities

Sure, drinking can get a little old if you start on Thursday night and keep going nonstop through the entire weekend. The Czech capital is a fun place to be and the variety of Prague activities you can make a part of your Prague stag do is almost unlimited. From having your soon to be married friend cuffed to a dwarf (yep, you read right!) to hiring a private stripper or dining on a Prague river cruise, the city has it all. You can start putting the agenda together yourself, or hit us up. We’re happy to give you a hand in planning the best Prague weekend ever for you and your lads! Here’s an overview of what we have in store. Have you started packing yet? Prague can’t wait to have you!

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