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The Ultimate Prague Stag do Guide and Cheat Sheet

Have you narrowed the list of possible stag party destinations down and Prague (naturally) made it on the shortlist? Look no further and book your tickets. Prague has it all and is not only the most beautiful city in the world, but also a perfect stag do destination. Before we tell you why (and give you all the tips you need to know before coming), let us sum up the key details so we're all on the same page in this Prague stag do guide. Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, a country located in Central Europe. It was founded in the 5th century (history buffs alert!) and has a population of nearly 1.3 million people. Prague is a part of the historic region of Bohemia. (There are two more in Czechia: Moravia and Silesia). Even though the Czech Republic is a part of the European Union, the country does not use the Euro. You'll need to stuff your wallet with Czech Korunas instead.

Charming and cheap-ish

Getting to Prague is a piece of cake. Even though ticket prices have gone up since the pandemic, flying to the Czech capital from pretty much anywhere in Europe is still very reasonable. You can usually get a ticket for the price of a nice meal and a few beers. (Around 40 Pounds / 45 Euro at the moment). Check out low cost airlines like WizzAir or Ryanair for the best deals). How long is a flight to Prague? You‘ll get here in under two hours from London or just about anywhere else in Europe.

Once you land, have us pick you up or take a bus or an Uber to the city centre. As you enter the city, it‘ll feel like travelling back in time. In a good way. Stunning architecture, cobblestone streets and a very unique vibe. Prague has something for everyone – we already mentioned the intriguing history, but if you’re more of a party animal than a museum lover, Prague still has you covered (there are over 600 Prague bars to choose from!). You and your lads may even enjoy the romantic charm that infuses the city. It’s hard not to feel the romance on one of the endless breathtaking strolls through Prague. In other news, it won‘t cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy all this. Compared to the UK and the other EU countries to the west of Czechia, Prague is comparatively cheap. 

So how much should you budget? Naturally, it depends on your preferences of accommodation and restaurants. However, from our experience, 200 – 300 Pounds / 230 – 340 EUR per person should do. This would cover your flight, a 2 night weekend stay in the city centre and some basic activities like Prague pub crawl. This budget excludes food, so you should have some extra cash for snacks (or beers!). 

Four parts of the city, four different vibes

Prague is not huge, but you want to get an idea of the different areas to pick the one that will match what you and your lads enjoy. In our opinion, it‘s better to stick around one part and fully dive in, rather than hopping on and off trams all the time trying to cover the whole city in one visit. (It’s always a good idea to leave something as an excuse to come back!)

Old Town

Staying in Old Town means having all the best sights (and also some of the best bars on Dlouha street) a short walk away. This is where Prague nightlife is.  The famous astronomical clock (the world’s third oldest) is also located in Old Town. This part of the city is very popular among tourists, so get ready to pay extra for staying central.

Little Side

This area is spread along the Vltava river with magnificent views of Prague castle and has a lot of character. You can take a stroll in Kampa park, sip on delicious coffee in a café and take great pictures for your feed in front of the famous Lennon wall. (Just search for the hashtag and location to get an idea.) This area is pretty chill, so make sure everyone in the group is fine with a laid back atmosphere. 

New Town

A short walk from Old Town, New Town is where you go for fun nightlife and shopping. If you fancy a new outfit for the night or your soon-to-be-married pal feels like getting his fiancé a little gift, Palladium mall is the place to go. While here, be sure to explore Wenceslas Square restaurants too. You’ll find great places to eat traditional Czech food and all your favourite clothing brands there, in one of Prague’s busiest areas.

Less touristy areas

Prague is not just Old Town and the always crowded Charles bridge. If you’re a little adventurous (nothing crazy though!), you can pick from the more local districts and find yourself a place there: Karlin, Holesovice or Zizkov are good alternatives to the city centre. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes on a tram to get to the main sights and accommodations are much cheaper in these areas. Outsmart the system and save a few quid for extra beers!

A weekend you won't forget (or remember?)

Nope, that headline was not a mistake. There’s so much to do in the city that you’ll probably have a hard time picking your favourite activities (More on those below). What you definitely can’t miss is the beer. The Czechs drink the most beer per capita in the world and it is usually cheaper than water (no joke!). This is where the forgetting part comes in – it may happen that your Prague river cruise  or a visit to a local brewery will get a little crazy, and then the details might get a little hazy after that.

To make things easier, we’ve grouped the activities for you:


First things first. To avert barfing and hangovers, make sure to have a traditional Czech meal like a roasted duck or roasted sirloin with creamy sauce and dumplings before you set off partying, or to cap the night off if that’s your style. (Prague food prices are probably lower than you’d expect. You can get a main for 10 quid no problem.)

Sports Activities

Once your stomachs are full, go move a little and have fun during the day before the party starts. Get in a giant bubble and go kick the ball around with your mates playing with the bubble football teams in Prague (maybe not the elite ones right away, but never say never!). Or, strap someone to a huge target and play Foot Darts. We have plenty of fun options up our sleeve! 

Beer Activities

We already talked about beer above, but did you know there’s much more to it than just drinking as many as you can, as fast as you can? You can take a beer bath at a beer spa, play Giant Beer Pong or tour a Prague brewery. Taking a ride on a Beer boat in Prague is also a fun way to explore the sights from the river while staying hydrated!


Have you been wondering how tank driving is?  There aren’t many places where it’s this easy to hop in one and go for a ride! The Czech Republic has a very rich (and when it comes to tanks also very disturbing) history. If you’re into history, learn some beforehand (Google – Prague Spring) and then educate the whole group when the day of your tank experience comes! The icing on the cake? You can even drive the tank yourselves if you wish!

Target Shooting

Prague shooting ranges are very popular activities on a stag do. You can put your hands on guns used in WW2 as well as modern models the Czech Army uses. Shooting an AK-47 Kalashnikov will definitely get your blood pumping!

Stag do Pranks

Imagine: you and your squad have gotten ready and are about to head to the best bars Prague has to offer. Out of nowhere, someone’s banging on the door. Turns out your soon-to-be-married friend is getting arrested. Fake arrested, of course. You and the rest of the group know, but he’s freaking out. After the prank, he gets a nice reward: a stripper comes in and gives him the show of his life! There are many other pranks you can choose from, like hiring a dwarf or having your friend jelly wrestle with a Roly Poly stripper.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, right? All we have to say about it are two things: Prague girl strippers are something else (they say Czech girls are amongst the most beautiful in the world!) and no stag do is complete without strippers. You can enjoy the show in a limo, in the club, on a boat or in the privacy of your room.


When looking for a great party, stick around the city centre, mainly Wenceslas Sq. and Dlouha St. Clubs like Gold Fingers (said to be the best gentlemen’s club in Prague), Hot Peppers, Duplex Prague or Lucerna Music Bar won’t let you down.

Want a shortcut to the best experience? Book one of the activities that previous stag doers enjoyed the most: Hummer Limo, Shooting range and Steak and Strip made the top 3. Here’s the full list

If planning the whole trip yourself sounds like biting off more than you can chew, hit us up. We’re happy to give you a hand and put together a stag do you’ll be telling your grandkids about!

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