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TOP Stag Do Activities in Prague

Is it your mate’s last holiday while still a free man? Then it’s time to give him and the rest of the boys a stag do in Prague they’ll never forget. But the city’s a big place and you’ve got everything from nightlife, exciting games, beautiful women, and more to choose from. There’s something for everyone here, but you want only the best of the best.
Tips for Stag Do in Prague

So, what exactly are the TOP stag do activities in Prague?

#1 Hummer Limo

That’s right, finally a limo big enough to fit the whole crew, as well as any “unexpected guests” you might find along the way. Enjoy a drive around the beautiful city of Prague or even get picked up straight from the airport. And to really start your best stag do off right, throw in a few beers and a sexy stripper show!

#2 Shooting range

Ever shot a real AK-47 Kalishnikov before? Well, here’s your chance. Spend part of your stag weekend in Prague at the shooting range, and see who of the lads is the best shot. They’ve got every firearm you’ve always wanted to try. Uzis, Glocks, AR-15s… this is by far the best way to start your Prague stag party off with a BANG!

#3 Steak and Strip

For a real quality stag do in Prague, there’s no time to waste! So combine that evening’s delicious steak dinner with a little side of something sexy. Enjoy a fine dining experience at a proper Czech restaurant as well as your choice of a steaming lesbian show, hot stripper entertainment, and first-rate, thirst-quenching beer.

#4 Paintball

Still looking for more interesting things to do in Prague on your stag do? Paintball is a classic for a reason. Give the stag a beer or two, dress him up in the most visible costume possible, and send him out as the perfect shooting target for the rest of you! Then group up and fight your way through various stages to see for yourselves just how fun a real-life first-person shooter can be!

#5 Prague Strip Boat

Unfortunately, the popular Prague stag do beer bike is no more. But luckily, we know of another activity that’s even better: the Prague stag do boat party! Treat the stag and all your mates to a few drinks and a private trip down the river on a boat with not just any ol’ ordinary crew. You’ll have a hard time deciding what to look at first – the stunning river and old town or the gorgeous girls!

#6 Bubble football

Do you and the lads fancy a rousing match of football with a twist? After everybody’s had a drink, get suited up each in an inflatable bubble known as a “zorb” and clobber one another while trying to score a goal! There’s no referee or off-sides here, turning this game into a crazy-fun, full-contact sport. No wonder this activity ranks amongst the top Prague stag do ideas.

#7 Beer Spa

You’ve heard just how good Czech beer can be, so why not get the full experience and actually bathe in the stuff?! Or maybe you and the boys were hitting the strip club or pub crawl too hard last night, and now you need some to chill out and nurse that hangover? Well, there’s no better way to wash away your troubles than in a satisfying beer spa that, don’t forget, comes with unlimited access to both light and dark beer!

#8 Brewery tour

Ever wanted to tap beer like the pros? Take a tour of one of Prague’s incredible breweries, see for yourself how it’s made, and finally savor the 6 different types of lagers at the beer tasting. No Prague stag do itinerary is complete without visiting a brewery, and who knows? Maybe you’ll take what you learn here and return home a true brewmaster!

A Truly Worry-Free Prague Stag Do

And what if we told you there was a way to enjoy all these cracking activities without having to bother with any of the actual planning yourselves? When you come to enjoy your best stag do in Prague, we’ll handle all the planning for you. All you need to do is choose any of the fairly-priced activities you want, and leave the organising to us!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your mates together and experience a Prague stag party you’ll never forget. It’s time to live it up one last time with all the beer, beautiful women, and action-packed adventures you can manage during a single Prague stag do!

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