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Your Prague stag do weekend: general itinerary

Sure, we could go on all day about how great the sightseeing in Prague is, but we all know you and your lads are coming for a party weekend! Prague is a more than ideal stag do destination: cheap and with plenty to do. We can see you now, swinging for the fences trying to organize THE weekend you and the gang will talk about forever. (Or not, because some things that happen in Prague, stay in Prague.) We’ve put together an easy to follow itinerary that has been fully tested, tweaked, and proven by hundreds of now married gents that relied on our tips. Use it as your stag do planner and have fun!

Tick these boxes before you go

First things first. Make sure you ask the stag who he wants to join the party. With a guestlist in hand, start a Whatsapp or Messenger group where you can all easily communicate. Together with the group, pick the dates and budget the whole trip. In our previous blog, we recommended at least 200 – 300 Pounds / 230 – 340 EUR for a weekend including flights and accommodation, but the sky’s the limit in this regard. Go as big as you want. You can pay with a card or touchless pretty much anywhere in the city, but if you really want to be prepared, exchange some money at home or in Prague upon arrival. With stacks of korunas in hand, the party can get started!

Once you know your budget, start looking for places to stay. Prague has plenty of party friendly accommodation options, you can book everything yourself through Airbnb or Booking. Usually, we see the stag groups arriving on Thursday night or Friday morning and leaving on Sunday. Finally, the part of planning that will get you even more excited: picking your activities in Prague. (From crazy tank rides to roly poly strippers, Prague has it all!) Let‘s move on to the itinerary now before we lose you to daydreams about tanks and strippers. 

Thursday / Friday: Arrival

Landed safe and sound? Great, welcome to Prague, the best place for stag do! If squeezing into a crowded bus with all your luggage to get to your hotel doesn‘t sound very appealing, surprise the boys with a hummer limousine waiting to pick you up. The even bigger surprise is when they find out there’s a stripper show waiting for them inside the limo. This is how you start a party right! 

After you make it to your accommodation, take a break. You’ll want to take a breath to prepare for the epic night ahead starting with a delicious dinner (maybe something a little spicier like our Steak and Strip?) 

We dropped a hint above that there will probably not be much extra time for sightseeing during this trip. Kill two birds with one stone with a Prague pub crawl. You will explore the city centre while drinking some of the best beer you’ve had in your life. Czechs are the #1 beer drinkers in the world, but no worries, they know their way around heavier spirits as well – just ask for Slivovice! Once you’re a little buzzed, it’s a great time to prank your stag with a fake Prague stag do arrest or even a dwarf hire. (We’re obviously not short on crazy activities. Just ask, I’m sure we can accommodate just about anything you can think of.)

Saturday: The Stag Do Day

We recommend starting the day off with a sexy wake up. It makes sobering up way better, none of you will be lamenting over a headache with a private lesbian strip show going on, right? The afternoon is the time to get active. We can take you to drive a tank, to a shooting range in Prague or if getting comfy and watching sexy dancers is what floats your boat, a Prague river cruise with a strip show it is! Stag do agencies can also help you pick the right spot for dinner, or you can do some research and pick a place yourself. And because it‘s no longer your first rodeo, you can head back to your favorite bars from the previous night or explore some new ones.

Sunday: Departure

How bad is the hangover? Not too terrible? Great! Pick some of our more chill activities like a beer spa or a Prague brewery tour before you head to the airport. This time probably in our van, we can imagine that the budget has been properly used up by this point. (At least those tipping dollars at Goldfingers were for a good cause!) 

Sure, you can handle everything yourself. But if you feel better knowing someone has your back or you really just don’t want to do all the work of planning, booking and keeping track of everything, reach out. We are always here to help not only with the planning phase, but more importantly when you’re out here in Prague having fun. You can call us when you’re running late, get lost in the city or decide to have a last minute goodbye strip show. We‘ll be available during your whole stag do so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the party.

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