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Should you head to Prague for your gay-friendly Stag Do?

Probably no one who has ever been appointed a stag do organizer avoided at least a small freakout. Take a deep breath, we’ve got you. You being here reading this article means you´ve most likely narrowed the destinations down and Prague made it on the shortlist. Excellent choice! Don't look any further, Prague is an excellent choice when it comes to stag party destinations and won't disappoint your squad and most importantly, your soon-to-be-married Stag!
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Is Prague gay-friendly?

Well, we’ve not been hired by the city to sell you the idea of Prague as being the most inclusive and open-minded city in the world. But, with all honesty, Prague is getting more and more liberal, and the sad times of oppression of the LGBTQ+ community under the Communist regime are fortunately long behind us. 

If you want to experience firsthand how far our country has come (and if the date agrees with your schedule), book your tickets for when the Prague Pride festival is happening. This year, it’s taking place between August 7th and 13th. It’s one of the biggest cultural events in Czechia and one of the biggest Prides in Europe that has been around for 13 years. (Which shows how seriously Czechs take the responsibility of making the country a safe space for everyone.) 

When in Prague, you may notice round pink stickers that say “Hate free” on the doors of various coffee shops and restaurants. In 2012 an NGO “Hate Free Culture” started in Prague and amongst other activities promoting inclusivity, they put together a map of hate-free places around the whole country. (And it actually has almost 7000 spots on it!) Just filter Prague venues here and pick a bistro or a cafe for a little break in between partying. The website is unfortunately just in Czech, but how to better learn something about the culture than to immerse yourselves in it, right? Plus, there’s always auto-translate to help.

Guys just wanna have fun!

Don’t risk drifting off at the computer while spending hours drawing up an agenda for your stag do weekend. (Keyboard imprints on the face are not a good look!) We selected the most fun activities for you and are happy to assist with successfully pulling them off. Check them out under Action and Fun. Have you ever played Human Table Football or tested your aim in Giant Beer Pong? There are also many spicier activities ready for you. All the sexy male strippers will take your breath away! Are you liking an activity that also says it comes with sexy girl strippers? No problem! Just let us know you’d like a male stripper and we will take care of the magic swap! 

Oh, and get this. The plane doesn’t have to be the last place where you hear “sit back and relax” during your trip to Prague. We have some classy Hummer limousine ready for you that will not only pick you up at the airport but can come with a hot, sexy, and dancing surprise. (Or surprises, if you want to go big with a male stripper group!) This is what we call not wasting a single minute of your stag do in Prague! Pick your ride here.

Gay clubs, bars, and cafes to check out

Let us wrap up with a list of the coolest gay spots in Prague. Even though you will 100% hear about Goldfingers, the best strip club in Prague, don’t go there. Head to Melody Gay Strip Bar or Nemas zac. The latter is more of a ladies club, but it’s totally worth checking out, some serious eye candy over there to put it mildly. 

Some of our favorite spots in Prague are Saints Bar, Bar GINGER, Piano Bar, Q Cafe, IP Club, Cafe Flirt, Rudolfa, Jampa Dampa and Klub 21.

That’s pretty much it. We hope you found what you’re looking for and have finally decided upon Prague as your stag do destination. As with anywhere in the world, stay aware of what’s going on and have fun! Hit us up if you have questions or need help. (We may just be the assistance you didn’t know you needed that will get you all the pats on the back and kudos for spotless planning and an awesome and effortless Stag do!)

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