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Plan your epic Prague brewery tour with our insider tips

Is your Prague stag do coming up and you're still looking for fun activities to include in your itinerary? Then be sure to visit one of the local breweries. Seeing how beer is made is fascinating and will make you appreciate each pint a little more. Of course, you also get to drink the beer. The Czech Republic is the place to be if you want to experience beer culture at its finest. Check out the infographic below listing top 13 breweries, talk to your lads, and pick one (or more) to visit!
Brewery staff drafting a beer in Prague brewery during a brewery tour.

Visiting a Prague brewery is a world class experience

A lot has been written about beer consumption in the Czech Republic (the Czechs have been leading the world charts for over 30 years now!) and the shockingly low beer price in Prague. We’ve added our 2 cents on the subject as well – here. Beer is ingrained in Czech culture and visiting the source of this delicious golden drink is a must do while in the capital. Prague has about 35 breweries to choose from, with the main ones having a significant influence on the global beer industry. 

Why does such a tiny country in Central Europe have some of the top breweries and how has it gained such a reputation when it comes to beer? Well, the Czechs started brewing beer over a thousand years ago (plenty of time to get the hang of it, right?) and had both the climate and the water quality, which are essential for brewing beer, on their side.

Monasteries played a big part in developing the beer culture in the country, making brewing a part of community life. A cool thing is that you can actually visit some of these old monastery breweries, such as the brewery at the Strahov Monastery which dates back to the turn of the 13th and 14th century. The industry suffered during the WWII and then the communist era, but the tradition is ingrained deep in the Czech culture so it has bounced back tremendously in the modern era with many new breweries and microbreweries popping up all the time. 

Where Pilsner came from and a fun fact - beer is not just for drinking!

Next time you want to look smart in front of your lads, ask them where Pilsner beer originated from. Bingo! It’s the Czech Republic. The fresh, crisp tasting light beer was first brewed in the city of Pilsen in 1842. You can tour the brewery there, but bear in mind that Pilsen is an hour away from Prague. If you can’t make it that far, go check out the Staropramen brewery located in Smichov which was also established in the 19th century. The brewing scene here in the Czech Republic is very diverse as we lie at the crossroads of many different Central European beer recipes and brewing techniques. When you’re done with the historical tours, check out some of the newly established microbreweries in the city to check out the best emerging local brands, such as Dva Kohouti that started in 2019. 

To show you that more than just drinking can be done when it comes to beer, we put together a hoppy selection of activities you can add to your Prague weekend itinerary. Have a look here  (and a little tip, also our favorite: Beer spa in Prague) and let us know if we can help with anything during your planning stage. See you in Prague!

TOP 13 Prague breweries

13 is a lucky number when it comes to exploring the beer temples. Are you going to hit them all?

Map of 13 top Prague breweries
Top 13 Prague Breweries
  1. U Fleků – A Prague legend that has been continuously brewing for 500 years.
  2. Staropramen – The biggest brewery in Prague with a rich history!
  3. Pivovar Strahov – 17th century brewery with a restaurant and courtyard.
  4. U Tří růží – 15th century restaurant with six beers brewed on site.
  5. Loď Pivovar – Unique microbrewery and restaurant on a former disco boat.
  6. Vinohradský pivovar – Modern brewery and restaurant with a music hall.
  7. Pivovar Národní – A newer brewery featuring the largest garden in the city centre.
  9. Sousedský Pivovar Bašta – 4 beers on tap + 1 beer from Belgian breweries.
  10. U dvou koček – Brewery and classic Czech restaurant with live music.
  11. Dva Kohouti – Modern brewery with a great outdoor area to enjoy in summer.
  12. OSSEGG – The first of the OSSEGG group of breweries throughout Europe.
  13. Pivovar Benedict – Eight types of beer + traditional Czech restaurant.

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