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Adrenaline-pumping tank driving experience in Prague: All you need to know

Little boys play with toy soldiers and tiny plastic tanks; grown-ups go and drive the real thing! Especially when one of their lads is getting married soon. Driving a tank should be on your radar if you are in charge of organizing an upcoming stag do and your gang never says no to adventure. Prague is one of the few destinations where you can board an actual tank, open the hatch, and let the mud fly while your stag takes the controls and barrels around the track.
A BMP-1 riding through mud

What's in store? (Or the military museum, better to say.)

How does this unique military tank experience work? You can decide if you “just” want to ride the tank and let a professional worry about the levers, jolts, turns, hill climbs, and much more, or you can go for an authentic, unforgettable Prague stag do tank driving experience and let your soon-to-be-married pal be the driver. (Of course, the professional is still on board with you.) It is an either-or kind of situation; once you pick the riding experience, you won’t be allowed to drive, so please give it some proper thought beforehand. 

You’ll learn a lot about the tank before you embark on this once-in-a-lifetime bumpy adventure and have the chance to admire roughly 80 historic vehicles and other military equipment at the museum on site. There is also a military base and a shooting range nearby, so you may feel as if you’ve been thrown into the middle of a war movie as soon as you step out of the car. 

How do you get there?

The offroad track is located approximately one hour’s drive from Prague. You don’t need to worry about getting a taxi; our drive-a-tank experience includes private return transport. All you need to do is wait for our guide in front of your hotel in the morning. (Preferably wearing sports clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy. Save the collared shirt for later if you don’t want to run around Prague in the afternoon looking for a while-you-wait dry cleaner. 🙂) The vast complex offers almost 50 hectares of land where you can drive the metal giant.

BMP-1 or T-55 Soviet? Pick your tank and stag do package!

We’ve got three adrenaline-fueled tank activities ready for you. How are they different? First, you pick the tank you will be driving / riding – either BMP-1 or T-55 Soviet and then decide if you only want to ride or if you’re going all in with your stag at the helm. All the activities below include the presence of a professional instructor, 3 hours total activity time (if you pick the “drive a tank” activity, the stag will get to drive the tank for 5 kilometers), and access to the museum. You’ll all get a drink, too (a beer or a soft drink; if you go for a beer, you’ll be asked to have it after the experience is over, as we don’t want any buzzed soldiers on board for obvious safety reasons.) 

Battle Tank Driving

Ride / drive T-55 Soviet, one of the most widely used tanks in the world. Designed in the Soviet Union in the late 1950s, this tank is an iconic symbol of the Cold War. Hop in (or slowly climb in) and enjoy the power of almost 40 tons of metal. This tank fits max 5 people, and your stag gets to drive it for 5 kilometers.

Prague Tank Driving

Welcome on board a BMP-1, the first mass-produced tank model in the Soviet Union. This tank has bittersweet connotations as it’s currently used in the war in Ukraine on both sides. This experience is designed for at least 10 participants, and the stag gets to drive the tank.

Prague Tank Riding

If you don’t feel like your stag would appreciate you putting him through the stressful (yet fun!) driving a tank experience, don’t sweat it. Just book this activity and let the professional drive you around. You will surely not miss any of the adrenaline; we can guarantee it won’t be a smooth ride. 🙂 Groups of at least 6 people can book this activity. Let’s roll… the tank tracks!

Are you excited to exchange a pub bench for a tankodrome for a while? We’re here to help you plan the ultimate Prague stag do. Book through our website or reach out if you want to get the hottest tips for organizing an epic stag do in one of the best cities in Europe. Or, let us handle the whole thing while you sit back, relax, and grab a beer or two with your pals beforehand instead of stressing about the details!

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