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Prague Stag do Pranks

Thinking about a good knees-up for your soon-to-be-married mate and don't want to end up with just a few jars in a pub and a lap dance afterwards? Then plan a little, and make the bachelor party for any stag unforgettable with a beastly car smash, fake stag arrest, ice-cold fake bungee jump, and more.
The stag pranked by his mates with a dwarf hire, favourite Prague stag do prank

Too old for pranks? No way

There are a million and one crazy things you can do on a Prague stag do, that’s for sure. And pranks are one of them. So whether you need your sweet revenge for any past mischief, crave for some wicked fun, or simply want to enjoy an original weekend, these types of activities should definitely be on your menu.

Before you choose or even book any activity from Prague stag do pranks, however, we advise you to answer the following questions to yourself:

1) When and where should the prank(s) take(s) place?

2) What is the goal of the prank (surprise him, scare him, make fun of him, etc.)?

3) Are you willing to participate in the prank (maybe only with a cover story, maybe more)?

Having your answers? Good, let’s now dive a bit deeper in the activities themselves, so you have a better idea what they are about and what is the best deal for you.

Bit of rage doesn't hurt

If you`re pumped and want to get an adrenaline rush, we would recommend some of the daytime activities: Car Smash, Fake Bungee Jump, or Dog attack prank.

Car Smash is more of a stress releasing activity for the entire group than a prank. As the title says, your goal is to wreck a car. You`ll get a bunch of tools and a car, and have exactly 60 minutes to destroy as much as you can.

Have you ever dreamed about bungee jumping? Well, dream on, `cause the Bungee Jump activity is nothing like an “ordinary” jump from the top of the world. Firstly, you`ll get picked up by a car – where your stag will be blindfolded – and brought to Prague suburbs, where the instructors take care of him. And now to the prank: He will be standing on a low ramp, with a small kid`s pool below. He’s given the instructions, he’s ready to perform the real bungee jump… Oh yeah, get some dry clothes.

For the third activity, better make sure your stag doesn’t suffer from asthma, as it involves a lot of running. Dog attack prank is precisely what you are expecting – a dog attack. A trained dog will be unleashed to chase the groom across a field, but not only that. The dog is ready to grab, dominate and pretty much make you cry like a baby. Certainly not a thing for a faint-hearted person. No need to worry though, a skilled trainer is always close.

Belly full of jelly

What comes to your mind when we say “handcuffs”? Probably not a vision of a dwarf, right? But after this prank, you`ll probably never imagine anything else, and so won`t your stag. Dwarf Hire is a classic prank in which your friend is handcuffed to a dwarf (in a costume of your choice) for a full hour. And the dwarf follows him anywhere – to a bar, club, even a restroom. What a wingman!

Enjoying Prague’s nightlife? Well maybe the time has come to spice things up with a bit of a wrestling experience. The best-selling Jelly Wrestling activity is more of a show, unless you go with a second option – Jelly Wrestling with Roly Poly XXL Stripper, but we`ll get to that.

So what’s it about? You`ll enter a private zone of a strip club, where two ladies will be already awaiting you in a pool full of jelly, performing a show just for you. After this light warm up, your stag will wrestle with them in the pool, or (and here comes the second option), you can blindfold your mate, change the hot girls for one, or even two Roly Polies, and let him wrestle with her/them.

To combine the experience with handcuffs and the private strip club zone, there is another activity/prank you can book for your stag, the Stag Arrest. You will be stopped by (fake) police on a street, and the groom gets arrested for not having an ID (this must be discussed prior to the event). Bit scary, right?

So don’t blow it. Your friend will be taken for questioning, but never reaches the station, as the police will take him to a strip club where a hot stripper will be already waiting for him.

Just having fun

You see, there are plenty of options for you and your stag. And we bet you`ll rock during the stag do weekend in Prague. But if you are still not sure which activity to choose, consult with us. We will help you find the best solution and arrange everything for you. And we are sure these will be the days and nights to remember.

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