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Nightlife in Prague: Top 26 spots to have on the radar for your stag do

One of the reasons why you should choose Prague for your stag party is undoubtedly its rich nightlife. In this bustling European metropolis, life doesn’t stop once it gets dark thanks to all the unique pubs, bars, clubs, and restaurants. Prague ranks among the cities with the highest density of bars and nightclubs in the world. Add some strippers to the mix and you’ve got the makings of a perfect night!

What neighborhood to hit?

Old Town is where it’s at. Located in the central area of Prague and popular with both tourists and locals with a variety of bars, pubs and clubs. But, if you don’t want to be elbowing your way through crowds on a Friday night, go for Zizkov. Very hip and laid-back with a unique vibe. You can also save some “korunas” as the prices won’t be as high as in the city centre. In Zizkov, you’ll bump into students and artists more than tourists. If you feel a little fancier, head to Vinohrady. It’s an upscale neighborhood with great bars, restaurants and nightclubs. 

Make your reservations or let us handle it

If you’re heading to Prague and want to experience the city’s vibrant bar scene, it’s important to plan ahead (or at least save a link to this blog if you’re the pack-an-hour-before-my-flight kind of crew). While the city centre, particularly around Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, is a safe bet for a good night out, it’s also worth doing some research and making reservations in advance to avoid unnecessary headaches. (You don’t want to fly over half of Europe to find out that the bar you most wanted to get into is fully booked with no chance to get in.)

We can take you for a pub crawl in Prague on your first night so you acquaint yourself with the Prague nightlife scene. After that, you can decide if you feel like putting the rest of the itinerary together yourself or want us to continue handling things.  If you decide to go with us, there is an almost endless list of shenanigans you can sign up for.  (Paying a visit to a strip club in Prague is a no brainer, make sure it’s on your list!)

Save these Prague bars in your map now

Let’s start with the most epic pubs and bars. You will probably want to grab a beer as soon as you step off the plane. Czechs love their beer and drink the most beer per capita in the world. If you’re into exploring history and traditions, make sure to check some of the local breweries. Otherwise, you can have a pint in of these epic places:

  1. Lokal: With a welcoming atmosphere, a large selection of beer and traditional Czech cuisine, and affordable prices, it’s no surprise why Lokal is so popular among tourists and locals alike.
  2. U Sudu: This unique bar is set in a rambling basement with mellow nooks and crannies to explore making it a great place to relax with friends and enjoy a pint or two.
  3. Hemingway Bar: This elegant bar is a popular spot for cocktail enthusiasts and is known for its extensive cocktail menu featuring a mixture of classic and modern drinks.
  4. T-Anker: This rooftop bar offers stunning views of Prague’s skyline, making it the perfect spot for a sunset drink and has a large selection of cocktails and beers.
  5. Vinograf: This wine bar is a favorite among locals and tourists with an impressive selection of wines from the Czech Republic and around the world along with tasty small bites.
  6. The Black Angel’s Bar: A popular speakeasy-style bar located in the basement of the Hotel U Prince (just outside Old Town Square) with an intimate setting, excellent cocktails, and live jazz music.
  7. Anonymous Bar: Based on the idea of the global hacktivist group Anonymous and designed to look like a hacker’s hideout offering unique drinks and immersive experiences inspired by the culture. 
  8. Bad Flash Bar: This trendy bar offers a creative cocktail menu and a laid-back atmosphere, making it a great spot to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.
  9. Ice Pub: Literally everything in this bar is made of ice, even your drink cup. Be sure to bring a jacket and enjoy some cool vibes.  
  10. 80s: This bar in central Prague is all about the 80’s. Enjoy a cocktail while surrounded by decor and grooving to tunes from back in the day. 
  11. James Dean: More of a restaurant than a bar, this spot is located near old town square and has a vintage American diner theme throughout and a full drink selection and full food menu following the same theme. 
  12. Steampunk: The name says it all. If you’re into steampunk, this is your place. With a full bar and food menu, you can come for just drinks and the atmosphere, or stay and have a meal. 
  13. Ku club & bar: A trendy dance club in central Prague with a good selection of drinks and cocktails and featuring local and international dance music DJs. 

Prague nightclubs you don't want to miss

The night is young. After having a few beers, shots, and/or cocktails, you may find yourself properly lubricated to hit the club. Make sure you have a good idea of what clubs are nearby so you don’t kill the buzz searching. Don’t rely on your future drunk self and prepare now by saving these: 

  1. Roxy: This legendary club is known for its eclectic music selection (which includes everything from rock to techno), a gritty and authentic vibe, a large dance floor, and plenty of space to chill and enjoy a drink.
  2. Cross Club: With steampunk-inspired decor and a diverse music lineup that includes everything from electronic to punk, Cross also features an outdoor terrace, cinema room, and an art gallery, making it a great spot for a night out.
  3. Duplex: This chic rooftop club offers stunning views of Prague’s skyline and a stylish, modern atmosphere with a music selection leaning towards house and techno and often hosts top DJs from around the world.
  4. Ankali: An intimate venue and a favorite among Prague’s techno fans – with a raw and gritty vibe, an excellent sound system, a dedicated dance floor, and hosts both local and international DJs.
  5. Mecca: A hopping Prague club featuring techno, trance, and house DJs.
  6. Lucerna Music Bar: A chill concert venue featuring live music.
  7. M1 Lounge Bar & Club: A great club with themed party nights. Their portfolio varies from hip hop to dance music. If you make it there, definitely have a look at their shisha menu.
  8. Nebe Cocktail & Music Club: One of the most popular cocktail bars and clubs in Prague and is located right on Wenceslas square. It has two other sister Nebe clubs set in historical cellars also located in the city centre.
  9. Moon Club: Situated in a historical building with a glass roof on Dlouhá Street. Hop on the dance floor or just hang and have fun under the night sky!
  10. One Club: Smaller but a great place to have a party. It has a stylish interior full of plush leather booths and great bottle service.
  11. Ace club: Small club that hosts great DJs and the parties rage all night long.
  12. Epic: Located a short distance from Dlouhá, this modern dance club features electronic club music and is quite large, sprawling over three floors. It features some of the top names in the industry as guest DJs.
  13. Chapeau Rouge: One of the oldest clubs in Prague, it’s been around for over 100 years! It has recently been fully redone inside and is massive with three floors. With several bars, dance floors, and stages throughout, the party will keep going wherever you go.

Stay safe and bring change

Prague nightlife is epic and it’s one of the safest cities in Europe, but you still want to be aware of your surroundings while enjoying a night out with your lads. Always watch your drink, avoid dark alleys, and try to stick to well-lit areas with people. If you are on the metro, be aware of pickpockets. A stolen passport (or other valuables) is no fun. 

Pro tip! Make sure you have some Czech cash on you during your night out. Ending an epic night without a kebab would be a crime. There are shops selling them on almost every corner and believe us, dürums and döners always taste the best at 3 AM!

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