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Best places for stag do in Europe? Here’s our list!

Planning stag do weekends is not an easy thing to do. (“Duh”, you think, as you're sitting there overwhelmed with shortlisting locations, places to stay, things to do and clubs to check out.) Let us give you a hand. We put together a list of classic, alternative and emerging stag do destinations to make your life much easier.
Prague, Czechia downtown panorama view from plane

The classics: Where the most other stag do squads go


Praha, as we call it in Czech, is our home and therefore in our (surely unbiased) opinion the best place for a stag do you can choose. It is also one of the original stag do destinations, so you definitely won’t regret it if you follow the tens of thousands of lads who have decided to party the heck out of the city in the past.

Its history and cultural heritage are known worldwide (almost 6 million tourists visit the city yearly, proving our point) and so is the bar / club / pub scene (Czechs are the #1 beer drinkers in the world!). Not to be left out are the Prague strip clubs. With Google being your best buddy lately organizing the top party for you and your mates, we’re sure you already came across Goldfingers Prague, one of the top strip clubs in Europe. Need we say more? There is plenty to do in the Czech Republic’s capital, including pretty dope things like a tank experience or a visit to a shooting range! (we’re happy to book all your activities in Prague for you)


Okay, okay, there’s one thing in which the capital of the Netherlands may beat our beloved Prague. Prague has Goldfingers, but in Amsterdam, you can “accidentally” stumble upon The Red Light District, a neighborhood where the oldest profession in the world still thrives. (You should probably let that be the story for your girlfriends and wives, because if we were you, we would head there first thing upon arrival, ahem.) You can easily walk to the red lit streets as they’re situated in the old town section of the city. You can enjoy the Dutch architecture and typical canals and do a lot of sightseeing while finding the right spot (pun intended). Talk about combining business and pleasure, right? 

This city of over 800,000 people definitely has more to offer: famous coffee shops (where you can get truly relaxed with Amsterdam’s tolerance policy on weed consumption in small quantities for personal use). Amsterdam pub crawls or bike tours are phenomenal too!


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, will put a smile on your face as soon as you ask for the bill at the first restaurant you visit. It’s cheap. But it’s definitely not where Budapest benefits end. The city is truly charming, the architecture is second to none and you’re up for a (steaming hot) treat when you come. (And nope, we’re not talking about strippers now, sorry). Budapest has world class thermal baths like Szechenyi or Gellert that you simply can’t skip. 

Another thing to put on your list in Budapest are so-called “ruin bars”. These places with a “you have to experience this yourself” vibe are located in the remnants of abandoned buildings in the Old Town. Szimpla Kert is the one you definitely want to hit! To sober up after a party, Budapest has tons to see. Walk up to Buda Castle and take pics at Fisherman’s Bastion. Before you head back to the party, don’t forget to grab traditional Langos (fried dough with toppings) or sit down in one of the top restaurants in the city: Mazel Tov.

Off the beaten stag do path: Alternative locations

For the less visited stag do destinations, we recommen Barcelona, Krakow and Riga. 

Having a drink on the Barceloneta beach, people watching (aka staring at ridiculously beautiful scantily clad Spanish women :)) and simply chilling with your best friends. Doesn’t sound bad either, does it? For the scantily clad part – make sure you come in the late spring or summer, otherwise you could be up for a big letdown with puffer coats spoiling the views. 

To compete with the other cities on the list, Barcelona not only has the beaches (check out above mentioned Barceloneta or Nova Icaria), but it’s home to three of the top 10 bars in the world! Get in line now, because Paradiso, Sips and Schmucks are well worth it.

As for activities, we vote for water sports (before you set off partying, of course!) or wine tasting. Spanish wine (ideally accompanied with tapas – small snack-like dishes with Spanish delicacies like jamón, cheese or seafood) is something else!

Both Krakow and Riga will also be on the cheaper end of stag do destinations. They both offer very specific activities to try out. Go for vodka tasting in Poland’s second biggest city or bobsledding in Riga. Both cities will also blow your mind with their architecture. In Krakow, don’t miss Wawel Castle or Kazimierz district. In Riga, look up and appreciate the impressive art nouveau buildings. 

Be a stag do pioneer: Emerging stag do destinations

Would you rather avoid the crowds and explore places that haven’t been fully discovered as stag do locations yet? Head to Tallinn, Lisbon or Belgrade.

The capital of Estonia has a very impressive medieval Old Town (which will instantly make you feel like a bunch of knights marching to local taverns) with an emerging nightlife scene.

In Lisbon, head to Pink Street or Bairro Alto to find lively bars and clubs with tons of character. Immerse yourself in outdoor activities like surfing or sailing (a few drinks on a boat while sailing along the Portuguese coast, does life get any better?).

Last but not least, Belgrade. This city offers great bang for your buck. It’s cheap, far from polished, and not your typical tourist city which makes it unbeatable for some. Belgrade’s nightlife is truly exciting (riverboat parties on the Danube are the way to go) and the city will surprise you even if this is your first time considering it as a stag do location. Take our word for it!

We hope you find all the clues you need to pick the best stag do destination for yourself and your crew. If you need a hand while planning your Prague stag do, let us know!

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