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Stag do shooting in Prague: 5 things to aim at for a flawless experience

Planning an unforgettable Prague Stag do for your soon to be married pal? Make sure a day spent shooting some of the world's most popular guns is on the agenda. Just imagine: a drink in one hand and a gun in the other.. What better way of spending a chill day with your lads, right? Oh wait, no booze while shooting! This is just one of the things you have to know before setting off to the shooting range in Prague. To save you the headache, we put together 5 things you should bear in mind when planning the fun day with Kalashnikov and friends. So don't shoot from the hip and read further!

1 Choose the best service

Did you put “Prague stag do shooting” in Google and got an overwhelming number of results? What agency to book with? What package to choose? How to have the best shooting real guns experience and make sure you and your friends will get the most out of celebrating your friend who is soon about to enter the old ball and chain life? (Just kidding, we know his fiancé is a sweetheart!) Let us help you with sorting out the basics before biting the bullet and actually booking something. 

First things first. You can either buy from an agency, get the white glove treatment and additional services or reach out to shooting ranges directly. The smaller the shooting range, the bigger personal approach you can expect. These same ranges will also be harder to contact as they usually don’t advertise themselves and sell just through agencies.  

The bigger players are ready for hundreds of tourists coming in every weekend and have gotten the hang of it over the years – they act like agencies themselves and make enough money just from the shooting. So if you ask them about transportation or anything else, you may be on your own. Or they’ll do it for you, but be ready to pay through the nose.  And what’s worse – you can easily find yourself fighting for a spot in the shooting range with other groups. Not what we would call a private Stag do weekend experience

Agencies usually negotiate the best possible prices and packages for you, so if you want to skip the hassle and make sure all is taken care of, let someone else sweat the bullets.

We have these three Prague Stag do shooting packages ready for you.

2 Go for the right gun

In Prague, you can put your hands on some very interesting guns. The shooting ranges offer firearms from various periods of  the 20th century. You can fire weapons used in WWII or those that the Czech army currently uses. If you´re into history and fancy playing with guns from WWI or even older, we have to let you down. These you can only find in collections, not at commercial shooting ranges. 

In Prague, you’ll most likely be handed a pistol. Grab one of the classics: Czechoslovak CZ 75 B, Austrian Glock, Russian Tokarev or American Colt 1911 and test your mettle. As for shotguns, expect the classic hunting double-barrelled ones, tactical shotguns of EU production like the Italian FABARM STF 12 and similar pieces. There are also some specials like a high-capacity magazine JTS M12AK or KS-12T.

Submachine guns are fun and the operators of shooting ranges in Prague know it. Old and new versions of the Czech Skorpion or guns coming from abroad like: UZI, MP5, Thompson M1A1 or a good old PPSh – 41 will be ready for you. 

And here’s where it gets really interesting. Rifles. The most common ones would come from WWII, German Mauser, Russian Mosin-Nagant and SKS-45 included. And not to forget – the one that will put your Stag do weekend over the top – SVD Dragunov. (We knew you were waiting for it!

You think that’s it? Well, Prague’s shooting ranges have even more to offer: a favourite category of guns and one of the most thrilling to shoot – assault rifles. How does firing a Russian Kalashnikov AK-47 or Czechoslovak Sa vz. 58 (both in 7.62×39mm and NATO M4), or an AR15 (usually in 5.56×45), or a CZ BREN 2 rifle used by the Czech Army sound?

Cool right?! Choose our Basic, Medium or Large package to try the best we prepared for you!

3 Pick the aim

Sad news: the shooting will be a far cry from an action movie scene. Good news: there are still plenty of safe and fun options to go for (again, no car chases or explosions included).  In Prague, you will most likely get classic fixed round paper targets. Most ranges will have shooting tunnels but you may even get to shoot at a range with a shorter distance between you and the target (especially in the more central locations). 

If you’re into Clay pigeon shooting, you’ll head to an outdoor shooting range outside of Prague for some trap shooting – the “pigeons” will be launched from a machine away from you.

4 Follow the rules

To enjoy stag do shooting in Prague, you need to be at least 18. Plan your visit to a shooting range ideally in the morning, before lunch or in the early afternoon. Why? Because the number one rule is that you need to be sober. (Like completely, we mean it.) The staff won’t let you shoot if they find out that you’re even just a little tipsy. Always listen to what the instructor says and if some of your pals are mistaking the shooting range for a club, make them turn it down a notch. After you’re done shooting, grab a beer from a cooler that came with your agency package and if you fancy more, have some extra drinks at the range directly.

5 Remember logistics

Getting to the range can be a bummer. Make sure you check how far the location is from your location and plan how to get there. The shooting ranges in Prague are usually located outside the city center, but some of them are as far as 40 km from the capital. If you pick a place in the centre, you are fine. You can take a taxi, hop on a tram or a bus or even walk. For the rest of the ranges, you want to get a private transport that picks you up at your hotel or airbnb. In this case, it’s easiest to have an agency to assist. They’ll take you to the range and back and some will even agree on doing the same for the shooting ranges in the city center. Nothing like relaxing on the comfy back seat instead of having to look for the next bus stop when still slightly hungover, right? Some of the experiences come with a guide who will walk you to the range or help you catch public transportation or a taxi. 

We hope these 5 tips to follow when planning a stag weekend in Prague with a day full of shooting will help you put together an epic celebration for yourself and your lads!

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