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Don’t take a rain check on visiting Prague, the weather is welcoming all year round

You may be asking yourself when the best time to visit the Czech Republic's capital is whilst planning an epic stag do for your lads. Well, we have good news for you: thanks to its location in Central Europe, Prague weather is mild without extreme swings. It has four seasons (more on those below), so pick the one you love the best and set off. We're definitely summer people here, but don’t let that sway you because Prague is beautiful year round.

Rumor confirmed: Prague has been voted the most beautiful city in the world!  It’s a city worth visiting literally anytime, but each season has its pros and cons. The annual average temperature is 13°C with the coldest month being January (averaging at -2°C). The warmest days of the year come in July (with an average of 17,6°C). If you decide to visit in June, make sure you pack your rain jacket because light soon-to-be-summer storms tend to roll in.

On the other hand, the driest month is February. To give your planning a little structure, March through May is considered spring, summer lasts from June to August, autumn vibes can be expected between September and November and finally, December and January are your winter months. Let‘s dive into the seasons a little more: 

Spring is in the air

If we were an Insta feed, we would recommend you to come in spring. That‘s when you get a spectacular backdrop to your pictures. Everything is blooming and the strolls through the city are just magical. Most of the restaurants also open their outdoor seating areas. The later in the spring you come, the higher the chances you’ll be sipping on a beer sitting in a nice pub garden in your t-shirt. (The weather in Prague in April is usually pretty awesome!) To play it safe, make sure to pack a sweatshirt or a light jacket for the cooler days in springtime. One pro tip: May 1st is Love Day in Czech and people are supposed to kiss under a blossoming tree to stay fresh (literally!) for the next year.

Those summer nights!

Again: Summer fans here. We believe this is the best time to visit. Summer vibes infect the whole city making it an extra fun place during this time. Grab a drink at Naplavka, a cool area alongside the Vltava river, or simply get a chilled beer and some snacks in a grocery store and head up to Letna park for a picnic (you´ll get spectacular views of the capital as a reward for climbing all the stairs!). The sun doesn’t go down until after 8PM and it’s warm, which is great for exploring Prague from the water too. You can rent a paddle boat (or two, depending on the size of your group) and party (we meant explore, sorry!) in style. The temperatures can get up to 30°C in the hottest months, so be careful with alcohol consumption (sure, mum!). Oh, and theres one obvious downside of coming to Prague in the summer – it’s when the majority of tourists are here and the main tourist spots will probably be a little crowded.

You Autumn come visit!

Autumn is when the city takes a deep breath after the tourists have been flooding the city for months. The weather in Prague is very nice, especially if you hit the Indian summer in September. It‘s not hot anymore, but it’s warm enough to spend time outside. And where else to go than one of the many wine festivals that take place in Prague in autumn? Make sure you try out “burčák” – half fermented wine, a real specialty. The fall colors are the cherry on top!

Weather in January? A Fairytale.. or a mud pit

A no-go for some, a must-do for others. Winter can be a little tricky. You may luck out and get a fairytale-like Prague with the whole city blanketed in snow, perfect for a stroll through the traditional Christmas market in Old Town Square. Nothing beats bundling up and soaking in the festive atmosphere with a hot wine in hand. Or there‘s the less romantic scenario: the snow has already melted away and your boots (pack those, trainers won’t do!) will get a little muddy. And it’s probably going to be quite cold. But again: nothing that a hot wine (or two!) won’t fix. Prague has hundreds of museums, galleries and places you can explore indoors plus great restaurants and cafés where you can warm up anytime.

Heads up: Prague is a popular destination for New Year’s Eve parties, so be ready for crowds at the top spots. 

No matter what season you choose, don’t forget to check the forecast before booking your tickets. It’s also a good idea to compare prices for various months on sites offering accommodation. According to, the price per night in Prague hotels drops significantly from January to March and in November. On cloud nine just thinking about exploring the best preserved medieval gem in Europe? Perfect, start planning right away, we cant wait to have you! 

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