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A guide to Czech pub food, definitely something to write home about

An unforgettable stag do requires a careful combination of fun, great food (and drink) and unique experiences. Because you’ve decided to head to Prague, you’re in for a great time for sure. You may have already done some research on restaurants and clubs, but the local pubs serving Czech food are the real gems. Grab one of their relatively cheap meals paired with a beer to prepare for the party. The “utopenci” (pickled sausages) will keep you going the whole night! Here are some tips on where to get the best Czech pub food.
Portion of roast duck leg

Traditional Czech cuisine

Before we send you to our favorite spots in Prague to get pub food, let’s talk about Czech cuisine in general, so you know what to expect. 

Czechs are food lovers, with a worldwide (ok, maybe Europe-wide) known cuisine. Soups such as chicken broth, vegetable soup or garlic soup are very popular in the Czech Republic (and also great for a hangover after partying). One of the most popular types of Czech dish is various kinds of sauces with dumplings on the side. 

The most typical sauce is roasted sirloin with creamy sauce and dumplings (look for Svíčkova on the menu). Any good Czech pub will also have the Czech speciality of roast pork with dumplings and cabbage. 

You will for sure need something to wash such a heavy meal down, right? Typically, Czech drinks include beer and wine, homemade plum brandy, herbal alcoholic drinks such as Fernet and Becherovka, or, if you are a teetotaler, you can go for Kofola (local Coke) or Mattoni water.

Focus on pub food: Beer and something greasy to prevent the hangover tomorrow morning

First, we have to talk about beer, as Czechs are the no. 1 beer drinkers in the world. Czech beer culture, the tradition of Czech lager production and the fame of Czech beer itself are known all over the world. The uniqueness of Czech beer lies primarily in the uniquely Czech processes and the quality of the ingredients used, which come from select regions. 

The undeniable advantage of Czech pub cuisine is that it is designed to lessen the impact of your impending hangover. Beer is best accompanied by another beer and a range of cold delicacies or something crunchy. 

Some delicious beer accompaniments include Prague ham with horseradish, a slice of pork head cheese with onions and vinegar dressing, pickled sausages, pork  spread, marinated Czech camembert, and grilled sausages from a butcher shop.

Where to get the best Czech pub food

You can enjoy tasty Czech classics with a beer at Lokal, for example. Enjoy carefully treated beer and freshly prepared homemade food. They draught the beer straight from the tanks via the shortest possible route straight to your pint glass, where it remains fresh until the last sip. Their cooks prepare classic Czech dishes, using only fresh ingredients and spices sourced from renowned regional suppliers. It’s a real homemade meal paired with the freshest beer money can buy. What more could you ask for? 

If you don’t want to look for anything, you can rely on Prague WILD STAG. We can arrange a Traditional Start Up Dinner in Prague. Fuel up for the Prague nightlife with a proper Czech meal! Don’t worry, you’ll keep the buzz going with an aperitif and drinks during dinner as well. Or, have a Traditional Bohemian Feast in Prague. Get ready for your Prague nightlife adventure with a proper 3 course dinner accompanied by a famous Czech spirit and unique house beer!

Below are some other places where you can enjoy a great Czech meal:

Let’s kick it up a notch!

More than just drinking and eating can be done when it comes to a stag do, so we put together a hoppy selection of activities you can add to your Prague weekend itinerary. After a great dinner, have fun on a prague river cruise and then head downtown to party the night away. What would a stag do be without booze cruises and a strip show? Get your mates and enjoy a tour around the pubs and bars in Prague, and end (or maybe begin) your evening at Goldfingers, the best strip club in Prague.

Let us know what’s on the menu or if we can help you with reservations, agenda or anything else. Our guides are ready to take you to the coolest spots and introduce you to Czech food that is literally to die for!

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