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Drinking alcohol in public in Prague. Yay or nay?

Tickets? Booked! Hotel reservation? Check. Activities? Sorted! What else must be done before coming to the Czech Republic to enjoy the most epic stag do weekend in Prague with your lads? It's always a good idea to look into local rules and customs to avoid any trouble, like drinking in public. Because who are we fooling? You're going to down some beers in the city (especially considering the beer prices in Prague hardly ever exceed 3 GBP). So, can you enjoy one while roaming around from club to club?
Two beers on banister on Prague street with a Prague castle panorama behind.

The city has been cracking down on public drinking, and these are the rules

The short answer is: we don’t advise it. But, it’s a little more complicated than that. Prague used to be very relaxed about drinking in public, but it naturally stirred up a lot of trouble. For many, Prague is an ideal destination for alcotourism and you can imagine how happy the city officials are about that. Therefore, in 2022, the decree on alcohol drinking in public places was amended, banning sipping beer or hot wine in more than 1,000 spots in the city, changing Prague nightlife‘s vibe forever. 

In general, you can’t drink alcohol in these places: 

  • Subway lobbies and 100 meters around
  • Playgrounds and 100 meters around
  • School buildings and 100 meters around
  • Medical facilities and 100 meters around
  • Public transport platforms 
  • Specific spaces defined by individual municipalities 

Another popular drinking area is the Naplavka waterfront, alongside Vltava, the main Prague river. There, drinking in public is not allowed after midnight so you must switch to nonalcoholic drinks until 9 AM or else stick to the bars. 

Also, think twice before cracking open a beer on a street in Prague. Before, the police had to see you actually drinking, but now, having an open bottle, can, or cup in your hand is enough to get you in trouble. 

Is there a map? Yes. Will it help? No

From what we’ve already said, you may see the problem. Before, there were clearly defined streets where you could not drink. But how on earth will you know that you’re standing less than 100 meters from a doctor’s office that may be tucked away somewhere in the inner courtyard? You won’t, and that is what makes the whole situation very confusing.

The Czech Pirate Party has issued a map to illustrate what’s happening. Just by a quick look at it, it would be very hard, if not impossible, to try to navigate your stag and drink in public even with the map in hand. (And you’ve got better things to do anyway, like a visit to a Prague strip club, maybe?)

Map of banned areas for alcohol drinkin in public in Prague

Source: Czech Pirate Party through Refresher. 

Currently, the fines are not terribly high, somewhere around 35 GBP, but may be higher depending on how the police interpret things.

There are still ways to drink on the go

As partiers, we’re sorry we have to wrap it up by saying: drop drinking in public in Prague. The rules are too unclear for you to try. Of course, you may get away with it, but chances are you won’t, as the police in Prague are becoming more and more proactive in this matter. 

So, where are you safe? Stick to Prague bars and restaurant patios or walk to Naplavka for a nice stroll to sober up a little and then you are free to drink as much as you want when you arrive (until midnight).

And if you want to have a few shots in between activities, book private transportation with us (like this Hummer limousine; it’s a real treat!). In that case, you can bring a few beers or a bottle of something stronger on board without issue and never stop partying! 

Do you have any questions about how to nail an epic weekend in Prague or need help organising your stag do? Let us know! 

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