About Us

Where did we

Come from

Well that’s an easy question, from Prague! And if you are looking for an amazing Prague stag do, you have come to the right place!

We are a Czech, local Prague team with 5 years of experience in the stag industry and have great relationships with the best suppliers of Prague stag do activities. In addition, we have years of experience within event management of big events, so we are very knowledgable about what to do and what to be aware of. We know where things can go wrong, how to prevent them and how to fix any troubles when they pop-up.

Why we are here

The reason

Of course the Prague Wild Stag is a new brand and we are not here trying to hide it. Before founding our brand we managed Prague as internals for industry’s big players and we were part of the classic structure – you as a customer booked with a large agency in the UK, Germany or France, paid a lot of money and the real organization and manpower for your Prague stag do was provided by the local team – us! Such a model has become a classic standard in the industry.

With such a structure there are some disadvantages for you as a customer – the large agency act as a “middleman” adding extra costs to the price and making the whole process complicated. 

Well we decided we want to do it better! 

After having become independent, cutting the “middleman” out and founding the Prague Wild Stag, we are here to provide you with our know-how directly, smooth service and for a better price.

No cons

Only pros

  • We are Czech, we are local, we speak English, we know Prague inside out and we have suppliers’ phone numbers.
  • We are clear from the start what you are booking and for how much (most agency websites hide their prices).
  • You see our prices online and you deal with us directly.
  • You get the same quality Prague stag do activities like with any large agency.
  • You don’t have to wait for any account manager to go back and forth.
  • We have the main organizational experience that the large agencies have – we supplied them.
  • You pay less!


Prague Stag do!

We are here and want to play fair from the beginning. All you need to know: the prices, activity details e.g. what’s included, how it works etc. is all on our website. You just need to make a decision with your friends on what you want to book and come enjoy your Prague stag do!